Attic Insulation

Texas Summers Are Hot

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Texas native or you are new to the area, summers in Texas are brutal. High heat and high humidity levels make for an uncomfortable season. Summer officially ends in September but the heat can last well into November. One way you can stay comfortable is with good insulation in your home’s attic.

Attic Energy Loss

An attic with no insulation or one that is poorly insulated can cost you up to 25% more on energy costs.

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Energy Efficient Blown-In Insulation

Lower Energy Costs and Improve Comfort with Blown-In Insulation

Have you noticed that your energy costs increase when the temperatures outside rise and fall? If so, there may be an issue with your central air system or the insulation in your attic is not adequate. Even the most efficient system will fail to do its job if air is escaping due to a poorly insulated attic. Avoid high energy costs and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system with Johns Manville Blown-In fiberglass insulation.

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