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At Quality HVAC Refrigeration our goal is for you to be completely satisfied(100%) on what we promise to deliver or your money back.

We pride ourselves on old time quality and know how that leaves our customers with the assurance that they’ve received the best possible service.

Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians gives our customers the confidence to handle any installation or problem no matter which brand you choose or have.

The biggest portion of our value is how we install your new system or service your existing one. Some companies sell heating and cooling we sell comfort and piece of mind. Without the correct installation or proper service, you can loose 30-50 cents out of every dollar spent on your energy bill. The savings loss is equal to running your car on flat tires.

Quality HVAC Refrigeration is dedicated to eliminating the headaches of improperly install units that lead to costly energy bills and uncomfortable living. As we all know both are important in Texas.

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